About the Film

They were just two suburban high-school teens. Annie was a couple grades higher than Billy. They were different from the others – or at least they thought they were. They had met through a mutual “acquaintance” – Billy was dating Annie’s sister. Soon enough, Billy saw something in the wicked glint of Annie’s eye, and Annie saw something in Billy, the potential for something transcendent…

So she stole him.

Faster than you could say “get your guns out” they were “in love” and “the only possible people for each other.” They knew that, together, they weren’t made for this world.

So they began to dispatch with everything keeping them in it.

They dropped out of school. Billy quit his job at the Home Depot. In one burst they killed Annie’s parents and took off, leaving them to gather dust on the linoleum kitchen floor. They spared the family dog. Annie’s sister could take care of it. They stole the first car they saw and headed south, toward Highway 101.

From then on it was gonna be murder down the California highway. They didn’t need anything else. After all, they’d found each other.

But what had they found?

Low Shoulders is executive produced by PianoFight Productions.


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